Employee Recognition Programs give organizations an opportunity to reward and congratulate employees on their hard work and success. But how do you get the plan in place? Check out these steps to help integrate a recognition plan into your company.

Gather Input

Conduct conversations with your colleagues around their preferences and ideas for the program. A great way to do so is to send a survey, which will allow employees to share their thoughts openly and anonymously.

Some good questions to ask are: What kind of awards would you like to receive? Are you interested in certificates, time off, gift cards or something else? What is your preference as to how the company should promote these awards? Do you prefer in-person, over email, social media, etc? By asking these questions you will receive a holistic and authentic view of the perspectives of your colleagues.

Establish Goals

Having an employee recognition program is fantastic, but only if employees know what to work towards. Create a game plan with established goals and benchmarks that employees can strive to achieve. This can be as simple as “Going Above and Beyond” or as specific as accomplishing a quarterly goal.

Company-Wide Appeal

Make sure that no matter what an employee’s position is in your company, they are able to achieve the goals and rewards offered through the program. Consider checking in with employees throughout the year to ensure they continue to be happy and motivated.

For those who do win awards, be sure to consider their personal preference when announcing it. While some employees may welcome public praise, others may prefer a more private setting. Regardless, let each employee know that they are valued and well-deserving of the recognition.


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